More information - Philips Qwerty Keyboard Remote Control

Original Qwerty Keyboard Remote Control for Philips.

One side for basic TV functions (channels, volume, power etc). The opposite side of the remote is the qwerty keyboard.

The remote control uses RF (radio frequency) to send the button commands to the TV. With RF the remote does not have to be pointed towards the TV itself and can be used in another room. To pair a remote to a TV hold the remote 10cm away from the Philips logo on the TV itself and press the OK button. To pair a remote that has already been paired with a TV hold the remote 10cm away from the Philips logo on the TV hold down the red and blue buttons and the same time. A message will appear telling you the pairing was successful.

The TV will let you know when the batteries in the remote control are running low. The remote is treated with a scratch resistant coating.

Models this remote works on are:

42pfl6008 42pfl6158 42pfl6188 42pfl6198 42pfl6678 47pfl6008 47pfl6158 47pfl6188 47pfl6198 47pfl6678 55pfl6008 55pfl6158 55pfl6188 55pfl6198 55pfl6678 60fpl6008 40pfl7007 46pfl7007 55pfl7007

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