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Replacement Remote Control. No setup is required.

These compatible remote controls look very different to the original one that came with your device. The layout of the functions is different. The majority of the functions are obvious, but a keymap is printed on the receipt in case you need it.

All you need to do is to insert two batteries and it is ready to use. Long battery life; remote goes into very low power sleep mode when not in use.

This remote works on the Alba ALCD15DVD2PNK only.

You will be able to access the important setup menus and also;

  • angle
  • audio
  • a-b
  • display
  • goto
  • hold
  • input
  • intro
  • index
  • menu
  • mix
  • picture
  • p.mode
  • program
  • repeat
  • setup
  • subt
  • subp
  • size
  • text
  • zoom
  • Alba ALCD15DVD2PNK

    Remote Control : Alba alcd15dvd2pnk


    Notes on the functions:

    8,channel/select eight

    powe,Turns on or off. Note some TVs only turn on with a button 0..9

    mute,silence the sound

    1,channel/select one

    5,channel/select five