Remote Controls:

None of these remotes require any setting or any complex codes - Just put your batteries in and off you go.

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alba 2866ntxsm2

Alba 2866NTXSM2

alba 2876ntx

Alba 2876NTX

alba alcd15dvd1


alba alcd15dvd2


alba alcd15dvd2mpnk


alba alcd15tv


alba alcd15tv


alba alcd15tv4

Alba ALCD15TV4

alba alcd15tv7xi


alba alcd15tvxi


alba ctv3418

Alba CTV3418

alba dvcr2

Alba DVCR2

alba dvd114

Alba DVD114

alba dvd174

Alba DVD174

alba dvd55

Alba DVD55

alba dvd59

Alba DVD59

alba dvd62

Alba DVD62

alba dvd65

Alba DVD65

alba dvd70s

Alba DVD70S DVD-70S

alba dvd73

Alba DVD73

alba dvd74

Alba DVD74

alba lcd15dvd1

Alba LCD15DVD1

alba rdvd1001

Alba RDVD1001

alba rdvd1001xi

Alba RDVD1001XI

alba rdvd1002

Alba RDVD1002

alba rdvd1006

Alba RDVD1006

alba stb1

Alba STB1

alba stb1x1

Alba STB1X1

alba stb2ns


alba stb7

Alba STB7

alba stbx3

Alba STBX3

alba tvd3402

Alba TVD3402

alba tvd3406xi

Alba TVD3406XI

alba tvd3450xi

Alba TVD3450XI

alba ws6672

Alba WS6672

alba ws6674sil

Alba WS6674SIL

Panasonic - Sony - Pioneer Dvd 'Hack' remotes.

All Regions

Ironically the cheaper dvd players can be made multi-region with simple  remote commands sent from the remote that was supplied with the unit. Or they were already capable of playing discs from all regions straight out of the box. However, this is not the case for the more expensive Sony, Panasonic and pioneer units. Although you can send special commands from a palm-pilot or magic remote it is a difficult procedure. We have made a remote that sends all the commands in one simple key press. Such 'chipped' remotes have been around for a good while but were usually one use only, rented and always expensive. Ours are only 9.99 and can also be used as a spare remote too as they have the standard play, pause, stop and menu functions on them as well. You can make up to 8 dvd players multi-region with these.

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