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Instructions for hacking the Panasonic DVD players. To play discs from other regions.












Make sure hack remote is working. Press power to see if it turns machine on and off. If it doesn't then you need to change the command mode. See below.

Ensure Timer Record is off. This is a bit of a pain if you have recordings to do, but is essential as the machine changes between PAL and NTSC. PAL is used for recordings. NTSC is the video format for American DVDs. The machine will switch back to PAL when you play any recordings, just turn timer record off when playing NTSC discs.

Close the Draw and leave powered on.

Hold down on yellow button for 5 seconds then release. Keep pointed at the DVD player

With machines that have a video/hdd recorder; You can open DVD draw (press eject on the machine), hold down yellow, press button on machine to close the draw. When the draw is closed, release the yellow button. This catches the machine in DVD operation mode.

On some machines it shows '6' then shuts down. Others just power off

Command Mode. The machine needs to be in remote command mode 1, DVD1. On the original remote press 'functions' button. Navigate to 'others', 'setup', 'DVD 1'. The original remote control will stop working. Just hold 'Enter' and '1' down together for a few seconds and it will work again.

DMR-EX75 Some older machines do not automatically switch from PAL to NTSC. Hold Stop & Eject down together for 5 seconds to swap from NTSC to Pal and vice versa.

De-Hack / restore Hold 'D/U' to unhack machine if desired. This is never necessary, it is just there in case someone wants to restore to factory condition

Hacks done Use 'HD' button to see how many hacks have been used. Put a CD in. If you press button 7 it goes to track 7. Likewise, if you press button 3 it goes to track 3. Now press 'HD' and see what track it jumps to. This signifies how many hacks you have. So if it jumps to track 6, you have 6 left.

Black and white picture. If the disc now plays but is in black and white or picture is flashing; Go in to the setup menu and change the video output LINE 1 to RGB

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