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test mode te mode st mode

If you happen to have got your machine into test mode/st mode there usually is a simple way to return it to normal. Firstly have a look in the manual for the button press sequence. Look under forgotten password / password reset.

We have had it reported twice:

NV-VP30 (EB)

Hold down <</<< (rewind on VCR side of unit) & > (play) & ^ (eject) until INITialized disappears from the (display)screen
This will restore factory presets.  When you are done turn the unit off and back on


Hold stop(tune mode) on machine and press >=10 on original remote. Init may show. Turn the unit off and back on

DVD-CV52 (FT02)

Open draw and hold cancel on original.

DVD-RV32 (ST02/ST01 - on lcd screen) )hold these 2 buttons on the machine;  |<<  and || , keep held down then hold down eject as well until initialise shows
hold these 2 buttons on the machine;  |<<  and stop, keep held down then hold down eject as well until initialise shows


Our home theatre hack remote contains the reset system codes. We have sold some 1100+ remotes for the home theatre models and have had 2 machines go into ST-Mode. Ironically this was for two people who just wanted to use the remote as a replacement and had done the hack by mistake. This can occur if the remote is pointed away part way through the hack. Quite rare but it makes the machine go into black and white only and not play properly. It seems only to occur with home theatre units and never with recorders or standard players. If you have managed to get your machine into ST Mode with a palm pilot or some universal remote you can use our hack remote to restore it.

  • Turn off - standby, mains on
  • Hold D/U for 3 secs and release. It will turn on and lcd screen flash
  • Hold Setup, - a setup menu will appear
  • scroll to "Others" then "Re-initialise", select Yes.
  • Power off and ST MODE will no longer show!