Acousticsolutions DVD222

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Replacement Remote Control. No setup is required. All you need to do is to insert two batteries and it is ready to use. Long battery life; remote goes into very low power sleep mode when not in use.

This remote works on the Acousticsolutions DVD222 only.

You will be able to access the important setup menus and also;
  • audio
  • dvd menu hold for Pic Menu
  • track+ >>|
  • track |<<
  • title
  • a-b

  • We do have a Acousticsolutions page where you can view all 3m remote controls for Freeview, Dtv, Freesat, Television and DVD. Guaranteed same business day postage right up to 5pm. See our feedback on ebay in corner below. 1st class post - small packet that will fit through your letterbox.

    Acousticsolutions DVD222

    Remote Control : Acousticsolutions DVD222


    Notes on the functions:

    dvd menu hold for pic menu,main disc menu - hold down for the picuture menu

    ^,up for menu item selection - may also do channel+

    track+ >>|,go to the next track or next scene in the film

    <,go left in menu

    stop,end the playback or recording

    Why people seek replacement remotes.

    When people ask us what we do and tell them that we make remote controls they are often puzzled as to why so many people buy them.

    No1 is Dogs, followed in second by youngsters. In third is the lost remote. Broken and damaged is fourth. Spillages is in fifth.

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