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Brand new Laing heating pump with capacities up to 4m/h Laing heating pumps are used to circulate hot water in central heating systems with capacities of up to 4m/h.
Installed on the feedside behind the mixing valve, they transport the heated water from the boiler to the radiators, the underfloor or the wall heaters. Since the connection sizes are standardised, the installation of a Laing heating pump presents no problems, even in systems in which third party pumps have to be replaced. Other areas of use:
Industrial circulation systems and cold water systems.

Laing pumps operate according to the spherical motor principle. The only moving part in the pump is a spherically shaped rotor/impeller unit supported by an ultra hard, low-wear ceramic ball. This bearing ball was significantly increased in size in the new generation of Laing heating pumps which results in exceptional service life and reliability even under difficult operating conditions. This type of bearing reliably eliminates bearing play. This means that the pump continues to work silently, even after years of use; one advantage which conventional pumps cannot offer, as they become increasingly louder due to their cylindrical bearing. Laing heating pumps generally do not require maintenance.

The rotor, which is magnetically held in place, automatically avoids smaller dirt particles and cannot be blocked by them. The pumps do not have to be run in at the beginning of a heating period.
Unblocking devices like those in other heating pumps are not necessary. As the rotor can be replaced easily, it is seldom necessary to replace the entire pump or motor when the service life expires. Laing heating pumps are simple to install. The pump housing can be integrated in piping insulation particularly economically, as the special design means that approx. 70% of the motor heat is dissipated to the transport medium. The stators in Laing heating pumps are completely encapsulated by default. This reliably prevents corrosion problems even when used with cold water. In the new generation of Laing heating pumps, all moving pump parts are corrosion-resistant. The primary use of stainless steel in the pump housing ensures that no corrosion damage which could lead
to blockage occurs. The integrated power switch facilitates the adjustment of the pump capacity to the heating system.

As well as use in the the central heating system these pumps can be used in a jacuzzi system to pump the water.

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