Hotel Remotes

  We have a specific remote control designed for the use in hotels. Hotel remotes are made to order and are 'custom' to the make and model of your TV. This remote has the ability to disable the use of the menu function to avoid guests from altering the TV

We can supply remotes for any brand and model we have listed. If we do not have your model listed you can send us one of your originals and we can copy it for free.

If you have a TV and Freeview box we have a multi-remote which can be programmed to both on only the one remote. Both the TV and Freeview box can be operated by changing the remote mode.

Prices as low as 7.99 in bulk inc vat and delivery. Lead time, just 2-3 days.

If you are interested in a quote please call us on 0121 559 0069


Philip Master Remote


as RC2573 for consumer mode / Setup mode.

This remote control works on the Master and Master service.

You are able to access important setup menus as well as:

Guest Mode

Service Mode

Service Settings A

Service Settings B

Service Settings C

Service Settings D




This remote has the ability to switch to Guest Mode disabling them from accessing menus.