FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the remote sent look like the original?A: The style shape and layout may be different but they have every essential function that your original had. We get the codes from the original remote and then program (flash) the codeset onto our blank replacements for the model ordered.Our replacements can be configured for any of 15,000+ models we currently have on our database.

Q: Are your replacements universals or one for all?A: No, we take the codes from the original remotes and program them onto our replacements for the model ordered. Our remotes are model specific if you order a bush a632 then that remote will only work the bush a632

Q: You don't have my model listed on your ebay/websiteA: If you cannot find your model then you can email us and we can look into it for you. If you have the broken original or the manual that can help us find your model.

Q: How much is postage?A: All postage is included within the price of the remote. Eg. 9.99 includes VAT and P&P.

Q: Does the remote include batteries and what type do they need?A: No, due to postage we cannot send batteries with our remotes. Depending on the model they take two AAA batteries or 2 AA batteries. Avoid pinching old batteries from other remotes as they are too weak to operate the remotes, same applies with rechargeable batteries.

Q: Where are certian buttons on the remote?A: With every remote that we sent is a small guide which explains where each function is.

Q: Do you have an original for my item?A: If you select the remote that you need and click on the picture it will take you to a page giving more details. If we send an original for that model it will state so. For about 10% of the remotes listed we have OEM originals to send out. The rest we provide one of our copies.

Q: Our remote has arrived but no light comes from the end when pressing a buttonA: The remotes have infra-red LEDs. They do not give off visible light to the human eye.

Q: I have ordered the wrong remote, can I get an exchange for the one I need?A: Yes, no problem. Please check before hand that we have the model you need first. You can check on our website or call us. Send the remote back in to us including a note of your name, address and which model you would like to exchange for to the our address. Once we receive the remote back we will change it for one to suit the model you need.

Q: What is the guarantee/after sale terms? A: If you are unhappy you may return the item within 14 days for a full refund. All remotes come with a one year warranty. We will send a replacement to you within the first 28 days, after that time you will need to send it back to us for free repair. The warranty excludes water damage, dog bite damage and physical damage typically caused by people throwing them across the room.

Q: How long will Remote take to arrive?A: We send all domestic post via 1st class Royal mail which takes 1-3 working days to arrive. If you order before 4.45pm your order will be sent out the same day. Postage times can be affected by the bank holidays. All international post is sent via Royal Mail standard Airmail. Depending where in the world you live postage varies. Average postal time for the following countries: France 5-7 working days Germany 4-7 working days Spain 7-10 working days Italy 7-10 working days USA 10-14 working days Australia 10-14 working days Russia 3-4 weeks Sweden 7-10 working days Norway 7-10 working days

Q: Do I have to program the remote when it arrives?A: No, we program the remote to the model you have ordered. Once you get the remote all you have to do is put your batteries in and you are good to go.

Q: What ways can I pay for the remote?A: You can call us and pay over the phone with a direct debt or credit card. Use paypal on our ebay page or website. Send us a cheque with a note of your name, address and model you would like. Send us a postal order with a note of your name, address and model you would like. Cash on collection or bank transfer. Email us for the required details.

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